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Located on the corner of Bascom and Weddington Ave. in the Chantilly neighborhood, Queen City Lumber is one of the oldest lumberyards in Charlotte.


The company was started in 1946 by three lumbermen: H. B. Hatley, Clyde Hatley and W. O. Wilkerson.


In 1955, Van Hatley joined his brother Clyde and father H.B. The brothers worked together for about 50 years before retiring.


Today, Web Hatley runs the company and employs around fifteen people.

From day one Queen City has carried material of the best quality possible. In 1946, that would have been mostly southern yellow pine. As time went on different species of wood were brought in.

Today, a wide variety of woods for home remodeling, commercial and restoration needs are offered. These include: red oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, soft maple, western red cedar, douglas fir, and poplar. Southern yellow pine, treated pine, and fire rated pine are still available as well. Composite and PVC is also carried.


We always try to supply the best service and products for our customers. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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